Alphonse Fishing News: 15–22 October 2014 – Grand Slam, triggers, milks, permit

October 28th, 2014

As we roll further into Autumn, news from the flats is a temptation that is going to be hard to resist as the nights draw in and the days grow colder. The Alphonse season is underway with another week behind in … enjoy the most recent report.

The week couldn’t have started any better with Paris Felezanis from the well known on line magazine “This Is Fly” catching a Permit on his first day of fishing Alphonse. The weather played its part allowing for perfect spotting conditions with bright sunny days. Some of the group had fished St François on previous trips and knew exactly how to entice the various species on offer. The GT’s were around in good numbers to test the arms of our regulars who had forgotten exactly how hard they pull.  The Giant Trevally were up feeding on the flats with 145 sightings and 9 landed for the week. There were 3 fish of over a meter, a 106 cm by Scott Richards, a 103 cm by Joe Wilson and Nathan Boyd just made the 100’s club with a beautiful 101 cm fish.  Joe also landed the biggest Bonefish of the week, which was one of the 352 caught and released for the 6 days of fishing on St François. The flurry of Triggerfish continues from previous weeks with 14 falling prey to a well-tied crustacean fly. Garry Robinson landed a veteran Yellow Margin of 10 lbs while star guide Yousuf continued on last weeks’ Triggerfish onslaught of 4 Triggers with Andy Wright in one day. This week while guiding Nathan Boyd they landed 5 in a single day, which is virtually unheard of, except for on St Francois.  The highlight of the week had to be Chris Hamaway’s ”Grand Slam”, which was the first of the season when he landed a Milkfish, GT, Bonefish and added a Wahoo and big Bluefin Trevally to the count, all in one day. The Milkfish have been a bit sporadic making this achievement even more memorable.  The week got even better when Joseph Theobald caught the second Permit for the week. The fishing offshore was equally as good as the action on the flats. Joe Wilson took full advantage and landed this seasons’ first Sailfish on fly as well as a bunch of Wahoo. We had a very special farther and son team fishing Alphonse for the week, Grant and Caleb Dryden (13 year old). Caleb had a fantastic introduction to saltwater fly fishing when he added a Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and GT to his first ever Bonefish and Triggerfish along with a variety of other species.

Once again it’s been a week of fantastic results both on the flats and around the bar.

Tight lines from Keith Rose-Innes, Devan Van Der Merwe and the Alphonse team!

For more details on Alphonse or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.

Desroches launches the “Poivre Permit Project” - Heli Fishing

October 23rd, 2014

Although the boat trip from Desroches to Poivre is often enjoyable, some guests prefer to maximise their time on Desroches while taking in the 5 star treatment. There is now the option to fish the best flats for Indo-Pacific Permit in the Indian Ocean with the luxury of a helicopter. Typically guests would get dropped on Poivre Atoll after a short 12 minute flight in the morning and wade-fish with a guide until the afternoon when the Eurocopter would collect the team and return them to Desroches. The combination of exquisite Desroches hospitality and incredible Permit fishing just 12 minutes away makes this a first of its kind.

Trips are limited to a minimum of 3 consecutive days of fishing and will always be based on neap tides to ensure the best results.

For more details on Desroches or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.

Canada, Camp Bonaventure; End of season report

October 21st, 2014

We are fortunate to have had another great season. While most salmon rivers around the world saw fewer fish than usual, we fared well in 2014, not the numbers of fish we usually see but not bad overall. The Bonaventure started later than normal but the returns were good for the season. The Grand Cascapedia also did well, similar to the Bony our salmon arrived later than usual. Catches on the Grand Cascapedia for 2014 we only down about 30% for the year. The Petite Cascapedia fared well this season and returns were on time and in good numbers.

For the most part water conditions remained favourable throughout the season. A couple of weeks of low water in late July and August made fishing a bit more challenging, overall we received the rain we needed and fishing remained consistent. September was our best month by far with a good number of fresh salmon and great water conditions.

The fish counts on the Bonaventure in mid-July and again in mid-September showed good numbers of salmon in the river, less than a normal year but we did meet our spawning requirements. The same was true for the Grand Cascapedia where spawning numbers were also met. The Petite Cascapedia did well and surpassed the required numbers of salmon, good news. 2014 was defiantly a years for grilse, all three rivers had more grilse than normal, a good grilse year has always been followed by a good salmon year, 2015 should be great!

For more information on Camp Bonaventure please contact Steffan Jones for more information or call our office on 01980 847389.

Tanzania tigerfish; week 4-11 October 2014

October 20th, 2014

Into week four of the tigerfish season in Tanzania, fishing both the Mnyera and the Fuhudji rivers. Sit back and dream about bit tigerfish on the fly. For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.

With the waters in the Kilombero valley still dropping, although very slowly in the case of the Mnyera, the fishing was due to improve as we waited in anticipation for our new guests to arrive on the strip.
Henry, Jeremy, Craig, Dave, Richard, Mark, Kiki and Pedro arrived at the beginning of this week with varying degrees of experience gained while fishing various destinations around the world. They were all eager to test their skills against the Tanzanian tigerfish, and were soon matched up against some of the finest specimens Africa has to offer.

Jeremy, Henry, Craig and Richard got right into the groove early with their first three days on the Ruhudji  being “jam packed” with some excellent fishing. Around ten fish were landed in the 14 lbs and above class, along with countless ‘smaller fish’. The guys had to learn fast in order to take home some of the opportunities given to them, and learn fast they did. Jeremy, along with nasty line burns and all, took the fight to a 20 lbs fish that ate his natural brush fly in no more than two feet of water on the lower Ruhudji. With a partially raw hand, and whilst illustrating the diversity of the “f” word, Jeremy managed to landed a truly great fish.  Henry, hot on Jeremy’s heels, hooked into an extremely hard running 17 lbs fish which exited the hole from which it was hooked with incredible speed and ferocity. Henry managed to apply the brakes and eventually landed a super fish.

The Mnyera which has been suffering unseasonably cold and high water for the entire season was fishing a bit slower. However, Pedro, using the popular blue and black deer hair pattern, put his gear to the test on another 20 lbs monster. After a great fight Pedro was content as he kneeled in the cool shallow water, his muscles straining one last time, only now it was to pose with his catch for guide and camera. The first half of the trip had been nothing short of a success.

With a brief moment for groups to swop stories on the changeover day, our guest’s flies were back in the water looking for purchase in the inhospitable mouth of a trophy tigerfish. Gallant as their efforts were, many of the flies were kindly returned by most of the fish on the last three days of the trip, mutilated, but without the culprit which inflicted the damaged. Although many fish ranging from 5 lbs to 14 lbs were landed, few of the many 15 lbs plus fish hooked made it into the net. However, it is uncommon for this destination to not surprise us with the unexpected. This week it came with yet another lost battle (and fly-line) to an incredibly powerful vundu, and a spey rod finding its way into the Kasingo rapids.
Henry’s spey cast was something to marvel at, but watching the 15 foot rod bend into the 14 pounder that ate a crease fly off the surface was a truly unforgettable guiding experience.

All in all a great trip with well earned fish and good company (and coffee) has come to an end. A big thanks to Henry, Jeremy, Craig, Richard, Kiki, Pedro, Mark and David for joining us here in Tanzania, we hope to see you back some day.

Until next time
The Tourette Fishing Guides Crew

Farquhar Blog “ Season Opener”: 8-15 October 2014

October 20th, 2014

With the first report from Farquhar, we can truly say that the Indian Ocean season is underway so enjoy the read. For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389 01980 847389.

It was with a huge amount of excitement that we welcomed back some familiar faces onto Farquhar for the start of our 2014/2015 season. An enormous amount of pre-season preparation had taken place, including the addition of 2 new boats to our existing fleet of 5, as well as some basic improvements to the guesthouse and operations which are now being driven by Mona, our new guesthouse manager. We love her already! To say we were ready to get cracking was an understatement.

Rob Tapert (now on his seventh trip with us) was again joined by his son Judah and fellow Farquhar regulars, Dennis and Malcolm. Dirk Ackerman who is another Farquhar regular was joined by new friends, Adam, Sean, Jack and Nic, all of whom were eager to sample the superb fishing Farquhar is rightly known for. As it was the first day of our season and the flight had arrived early we opted to get a quick afternoon session in and we are so glad we did. Rob and Co headed offshore to one of our favourite pinnacles. Between the two boats using conventional tackle, they managed to tame a total of 40 GT’s, as well as a 100 lbs potato bass…a cracking first session in anyone’s book. The rest of the group opted to fish the flats and got the cobwebs out with some solid lagoon bonefishing.

As luck would have it however, the following next few days we were plagued by inclement weather which made conditions tough. Despite this, the determined anglers worked the flats diligently, which resulted in some really good bonefishing and even a handful of GT’s. Farquhar’s triggers and bumpies were around in good numbers despite the weather and Adam capitalised on this by landing his first trigger on the fly. Congrats Adam! Nic then hooked a monster bumpie which proceeded to empty his reel at a frightening rate before his leader gave way. What can one say…that’s bumpie fishing for you. Our offshore guys also stuck to their guns and were rewarded with some solid GT’s which kept the spirits up.

The morning of the 5th day promised much better fishing as the weather cleared. The tides had turned and what we as guides refer to the “phenomenon” came into effect. Chaos returned to the atoll as GT’s stormed the flats feeding on the abundant stock of small baitfish which were present. New to salt water fly fishing Adam and Shaun managed to capitalise landing 6 and 4 fish respectively. I think it’s safe to say that both are now quite literally HOOKED! The old guns Dirk and Jack were into them as well, landing 3 and 4 GT’s respectfully. Jack getting a beauty of 110 cm!

While all hell broke loose inside the atoll, arms were being stretched by our conventional offshore anglers on the outside. Malcolm managed to land a 200 lbs dogtooth tuna, whilst Rob quickly racked up some truly big GT’s (119 cm, 113 cm, 110 cm and 118 cm). To cap it off Malcolm then enticed a 137 cm GT to eat his stick bait. The 5th day had delivered in fine Farquhar form!

Although the GT fishing on the final day slowed a little, the colossal shoal of bonefish that frequents Dipose from time to time showed up. Sean and Adam jumped to it and truth be told landed copious amounts of bonefish fish between them. Three further GT’s did come to the fly on the flats, whilst our offshore teams landed a further 17 GTs as well as a 50 lbs yellowfin tuna. The sailfish too had arrived, 9 of which were hooked on the final day, although on this occasion they got the best of us.

This part of the story is just the beginning!

It was a challenging start to our season considering the horrible weather around on the first few days. That said, we still landed close to 30 GTs on the flats, had plenty of opportunities at triggers and bumpies, plus the guys smashed the bonefsh. Offshore we landed 66 GTs, along with a massive doggie, a 100 lbs potato bass, a big yellowfin and a plethora of other cool reef species.  There is little wonder Farquhar is regarded as one of the most diverse fisheries on the planet! We’re just holding thumbs for some consistent weather over the next few weeks as the fishery really looks in fine shape!

Until next week
The Farquhar Guide Team

For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389 01980 847389.

El Pescador Fishing Report, 5-11 October 2014

October 20th, 2014

Weather: The week started Ok but turned bad midweek – to their credit our anglers persevered and were rewarded.
Air Temp: Mid 80’s to High 80s for the High. High 70’s, for the lows. Winds: Crazy winds that were Calm - 15 mph out of the west, east, and everything in between! Some moments of calm were interrupted by 20 mph winds as a squall approached from the east!
Water: 81 degrees.
Moonphase: The full moon is on 8th October


Bonefish (Macabi):

Christina caught her first bonefish ever while wading on her own near the lodge – wow! Congratulations to our friends Dave, Chip (Aka Tito), Doug (AKA Dookie Spinner), Jay, Andy, and their fearless leader Gary as they had a great “business” trip with lots of fishing. Bonefish were no enemy by the end of the week, despite some sour weather. Bob had his first ever bonefish on his first day out and was pretty impressed with a 3 pound fish that took him to his backing twice! His second day was about 10 bonefish! Roberta and Jim, Roger and Craig, Scott and Jim all had the bonefish’s number. Belated honeymooners Chris and Breanna fit in 3 days of fishing in their busy week. Gene and Kate (first bonefish), Joe and Mark (first bonefish), Mark and Karen, Harold and BJ, all arrived late in the week to match “wits” with the silver ghost of the flats.

Permit (Palometta):

Doug caught 2 permit his first day and his boat mate Dave got 1 permit - they think Captain Emir walks on water. Jason landed his first permit that same day thanks in part to his good casting as well as great guiding by Captain Cesar and his father, Ed, who acquiesced the bow for most of the day while the grand slam was pursued. A few bites fro permit midweek for a few folks but none stayed tight. We were back in the permit game on Thursday when Rob landed his permit to start the wedding anniversary slam with Capt. Emir.

Tarpon (Sabalo):

Our friend Andy from Hatch Reels landed 2 and jumped another on Monday. Scott and Christina got their first guided day out with Captain Vince, and Scott was rewarded with 2 tarpon as well. Andy got in to a couple big ones today with Hilberto, but none were landed. Chad, and his father Brian, had a banner day with Captain Tomas out on Savannah flats. Even though the weather was stacked up against them, the tarpon were not! Scott and Capt Kechu teamed up for his first fly-caught tarpon and jumped 2 more. Jenny was not left out of the anniversary rewards as she grappled with a tarpon that made her sore for a few days (no one felt sorry for her) and got some tarpon strip setting practice on another fish that didn’t stick.

Other Species:

Roberta and Jim tried their hand at some reef fishing with some cudas, jacks and snappers coming to the plate! Other anglers happened to catch both Horse Eye Jacks, Jack Crevale more Cudas for some tight lines on the cloudy days.

Grand Slam:

Rob and Jenny were married here at EL Pescador a year ago and they returned in glory as Rob slammed on his first day out with Captain Emir…. Amazing! Jason was sooooo close when that tarpon ate hard and ripped off 30 feet of line when the heartbreak of a slack line became a reality. He is going for it again tomorrow!

Flies that worked:

Bonefish: Gotchas, Christmas Island Specials, micro crabs, (many others)
Permit: Large Christmas Island special, Avalon
Tarpon: Cockroach, tan Toad, Green and white Deceiver

Guide of the Week:

Captain Emir for a 3 permit day and a grand slam, Wow!

Week’s Summary:

A decent week despite rather average to poor weather. Permit, tarpon and bonefish were available each and every day.

- Ed Blank

El Pescador in the Community
El Pescador hosts a “learn to fly fish” day for the local San Pedro Cadet core which is run by the police department in an effort to teach our kids to be productive members of our community and keep them off the streets. THANKS for Steve, Ed and Isa for your time and hard work. Everyone had a great day - followed by swimming and lunch.

For more information on El Pescador please contact Aardvark McLeod or call +44 1980 847389.

Alphonse Island; second week of the season ends in a flurry

October 16th, 2014

Enjoy the second week of the season report from Alphonse Island. For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.

Deposit paid cancelled rods are available at a great saving of US$3,000 per rod
13-20 December 2014 x 3 rods at $5,500
3-10 January 2015 x 3 rods at $5,500
The cost includes the Mahe charter.

The second week of the season has just ended and once again there has been a flurry of trophy fish caught by all of this weeks’ team. We started with only 8 anglers as we continue to train our experienced but new-to-Alphonse guides. The wind blew a constant 10 to 15 knots from the South-East throughout the week which made the fishing conditions pleasant. Early in the week the team concentrated on the incredible numbers of Bonefish that St Francois has to offer and as the week progressed and casts improved in length and accuracy our guests turned their rods towards the bigger and more finicky species, both on and off the flats. The Trigger-fishing was as good as it gets when it comes to Triggerfish catches with 12 being landed for the week. Neels Heyneke landed 2 monster Yellow Margins, 1 of which he managed to entice on white sand while using a Pillowtalk. Andy Wright who was spending the week on Alphonse relaxing with his wife ventured for his first day of flats fishing on day 3 and landed 4 Triggerfish in a session, which is an achievement of huge proportions. The Milkfish were unfortunately spread out on the flats and didn’t feed in any quantity that would justify fishing for them, which meant that no Milkfish where caught during the week. There was a fair number of GT’s around with numerous anglers losing flies after long fights. The first GT that was landed by Kasper Van Rooyen measured 90cm and turned out to be his first GT ever. The Permit were around in really good numbers with 5 being hooked momentarily before the hooks pulled out. Chris Bladen was the second angler of the season to land a Permit when he enticed a beautiful 9 pounder to eat his fly. A true spectacle was the incredible amounts of big Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo that have been around at the moment as they follow on the annual migration of red swimming crab. The action was almost instant at times, carrying on as long as there was something in the water to entice a take. Our new resident dive instructor Hinton Faram landed his first Wahoo, a monster 18kg fish. Nick Clewlow landed a 26kg Yellowfin, which ate a fast-stripped NYAP. What a week with great friends!

Tight Lines
Keith Rose-Innes

For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389 01980 847389.

Alphonse cancellations - save US$3,000 per rod

October 16th, 2014

Part paid cancellations on Alphonse have become available in the following weeks; as this is such a popular destination cancellations happen rarely so please don’t delay if you are keen to take up this offer.

13-20 December 2014 - 3 Rods  $5,500 per rod - includes Mahe charter

3-10 January 2015   - 3 Rods     $5,500 per rod - includes Mahe charter

The full price is US$8,500 - a saving of US$3,000 per person.

For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.

Mongolia, Sweetwater Camp; 2014 Season in photos by Jako Lucas

October 14th, 2014

Located in the Eg-Ur watershed, Sweetwater’s Taimen camps have been operating in the same place since 1995. They have carefully managed the fishery to insure that today’s anglers enjoy the same opportunities as the first anglers who visited Mongolia fifteen years ago.

Here are a few images from the 2014 season:

Take a look at the latest Mongolia availability HERE. For more information please contact Alex Jardine or call +44(0)1980 847389.

Alphonse Island; a double ‘flats slam’ starts the season

October 13th, 2014

I know that I am not the only one who has been eagerly awaiting the fishing reports from the Indian Ocean as the season is underway.  Below is the report from the opening week on Alphonse.  Enjoy the read, the first of many to come.  Charlotte

Alphonse Weekly Fishing Report: 1 - 8 October 2014
The Season Starts with a “Double Flats Slam” – 1 angler, 2 triggerfish, 2 GT’s and 2 bonefish on 1 day

The first week of the 2014 - 2015 season has just come to an end and what a start it has been.  We welcomed some new team members as our operation expands to include Cosmoledo liveaboard trips, Astove Atoll Lodge, Desroches Island Fishing as well as Alphonse Dive Centre. The weather settled on report as we opened our doors to 8 lucky anglers to ease the guide team into the season. During the week our anglers tucked into 361 bonefish (45 per rod), before swiftly changing their focus to target all the other species on offer. Chris Brimble landed the biggest bonefish of the week weighing 8.2 lbs, which is a trophy by Alphonse standards. Marcus Janssen was quick off the mark and caught this seasons first Giant Trevally of 94 cm, sparking an infectious bout of GT fever throughout the team. The GT action continued quite slowly for the first few days with numerous GTs refusing the fly for various reasons, when suddenly their mood changed to ferocious attacks and numerous catches. At the end of the week 12 GTs were landed, with both Oliver Cox, Neil Rowe and Marcus Janssen landing 2 GTs each.  The biggest of the week was landed by David Marshall, a 117 cm monster, which was estimated at 72 lbs. The bluefin were around in good numbers with 42 landed along with a multitude of other species like spangled and yellow-lipped emperors, marble grouper, bohar snapper, 4 triggerfish and a permit. When it came to the “high flying fish species”, Marcus Janssen was bitten off by a very large barracuda right at the end of tiresome aerial fight. The milkfish were around but were never in a feeding pattern that would allow for a hook up. After 20 minutes of fishing Mark MacDonnel hooked and lost the first sailfish of the season after a series of great jumps. There were some incredible achievements this week with Pavel Horky coming very close to a “Double Flats Slam”, catching 2 triggerfish and 2 GT’s in one day. The highlight of the week was definitely Neil Rowe’s “Double Flats Slam”, which he achieved by catching 2 GT’s, 2 triggerfish and 2 bonefish all in a days fishing. Once again another outstanding achievement, which continues from last seasons success and echoes how remarkable the St François fishery really is.  During the week 496 gamefish (62 per rod)  were caught and safely returned after a quick photo.

There is still space on Alphonse dotted around and rods do become available such as three rods becoming available in the week 13-20 December 2014.

For more details or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.